"So...you like...tell people when to walk down the aisle?"

Yep. That's it. Fool-proof business model. Very low overhead!

But, in all seriousness, one of the top questions I get from all kinds of people is, "what do you actually do on a wedding day?" It is kind of an important question, and I thought it'd be a fun ride to show you what an average wedding day looks like for me! Also, disclaimer: I'm a planner, so yes, you'll be getting all the personal, useless details like what I ate and what time I showered.

6:00AM Wake Up Call.

6:10AM Coffee and quiet time with my Bible and some puppies.

6:30AM Movement of some sort...light jog...short workout...maybe just child's pose that leads into a child's nap depending on how long rehearsal went the night before.

7:00AM Breakfast!!! This is a high priority every day, but especially so on wedding days. It generally consists of two eggs, two pieces of gluten free toast with avocado, cup of power greens, half a grapefruit, a cup of coffee with stevia and almond milk, and iced lemon water.

8:15AM Time to shower and put on some clothes that won't be falling off/down all during setup (no Crocs, no tube tops, etc.) Also, no Crocs.

8:45AM I'm out the door to the venue with a professional change of clothes, wedding day emergency kit, itineraries, vendor contact sheets, computer, and, of course, my clipboard.

9:00AM Normally, I've beaten everyone to the venue, and I'll typically begin meeting vendors right away and checking order forms, starting with the rental company. People load chairs and tables in while I check them off and arrange the room. I bark out orders and try to keep the energy up as much as possible. It's chaotic, and I love it.

10AM-12PM Vendors flow in and out over the course of the day in step with my to-the-minute itinerary. Florists, cake, drapery, lighting, photo booth. I'm managing, directing, assisting, guiding, sometimes annoying. All of it.                                                                                                        

Also 10AM-12PM While all the aforementioned is happening, I'm also setting up the ceremony and reception spaces. You can find me steaming linens, setting the tables, folding 200 napkins (sometimes into ridiculous shapes...I really should order some kind of napkin origami book for the requests I get), arranging centerpieces, guest lists, place cards, menus, gift tables, favors, cake tables...the details are endless and I love EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. (No sarcasm).                                                                                          

12PM-3PM Details are coming together, and around this time is when the photographer arrives with the bridal party. Venue photos begin. First looks happen.  I switch out of my yoga pants and into my Jennifer Lopez getup (minus the pantsuit and Britney Spears mic...okay so nothing like her getup). By now, design is mostly finished. Caterers, bartenders, videographers, and DJ/Band pull up. I then disappear into a phone booth to complete my transformation from designer to coordinator. There's a cape involved.

3PM Reception Reveal : Such a fun part of the day! Whether Lauren (my super pro design assistant) and I have gotten to create the entire design ourselves, or the bride and groom came up with the concept and I brought it to fruition, seeing their faces when they walk into their reception is what makes it all worth it. Extravagant or understated, the room always speaks to who the couple is and it's a proud moment for my sweet little Kenzie Events.                                                                                                                            

4PM  The ceremony begins.  It's emotional and beautiful and my favorite moment of the day!                                                                                                                         

4:30PM The ceremony ends, and I coordinate with my photographer on where family and bridal party should run to next for some photos during cocktail hour. Sometimes there's a room flip, and I'm using my team (or myself) to transform an entire room in a matter of 30 minutes. Otherwise, I'm checking on reception vendors to ensure we're on time and ready for the party to begin!                                                                                                        

5:30-11PM Reception begins, and the rest of the evening is coordination. This essentially consists of making sure everyone has a good time and that Drunkle Steve doesn't kiss anyone he isn't supposed to.                                                                                                                                      

11PM-12AM Time to wrap up. Everyone's gone home, and I'm barefoot. I'm probably sweeping. I also probably smell like beer. How about we stop spilling beers on Erin? Great!

More times than not, things don't go perfectly. That's life, and we're human. No matter how many hours I put into a large event, there will be hiccups. Just ask Emma Stone about the 2017 Oscars. But what I can 99% of the time guarantee is that you (the bride, the groom, the MOB, the guest) won't know about the hiccup. The right people walked down the right aisle, and at the end of a very long day,  "happily ever after" happened. 

1:30 AM Husband. Dogs. Sweet dreams.