Your Mom isn't a Wedding Planner (*unless she really is...)

Sassy title, eh? Now don't get offended just yet. This is a wedding blog, not a political piece. I happen to be a huge fan of my own momma. She's a Class-A lady with an eye for design and energy to boot. But she's not a wedding planner, nor would she ever claim to be. Did she help me plan my own wedding? Absolutely. Did we have a great time picking out flowers and finalizing menus? No doubt about it. But when it comes to the thousands of details that encompass a wedding, the easily missed components that bring it all together, and the coordination on event day, there is nobody that can take the place of a professional wedding planner. So, you should hire one. Wanna know why? 


You'd rather keep binge watching Netflix. 

You've read the articles that tell you the average wedding takes 250 hours to plan. Heck, go back about 5 posts on my Instagram feed and I even told you that! Let's be real...we're all busy people, but you most likely could find the time. You could turn down happy hour with the girls, miss that spin class, and say "no" when your TV asks "Are you still watching Grey's Anatomy?" after 4 hours, but wouldn't you rather just NOT? Enjoy some extra time with your fiancé that has nothing to do with napkin selections and rest easy. Hire a planner. 


The groomsmen will ask you when they should arrive, even though you've told them 5 times. 

Grandma Betty may not have a ride back to the hotel. Drunkle Steve will probably try and grab the DJ's mic for a special rendition of "Don't Wanna Miss a Thing". Crazy things happen at weddings. And even if your wedding is rated PG, you have a small guest list, or you're eloping, you won't believe how much organization, vendor communication, set-up, and general cat-herding goes into a wedding day. At the very least, hire a day-of coordinator. It's worth every cent. 


It's. Literally. My. Job. 

You've hired a venue, florist, baker, photographer, band, caterer, officiant. You bought a pretty dress and rented a fancy tux. You've hired professionals in every single area of this event. You've spent a small fortune on the biggest party you will probably ever throw, and you've most likely never done any of this before. I just so happened to go to school for, well, all of the above. You can close your eyes, throw all the details at the wall, and hope that most of it sticks. Or you can call the very nice lady who literally plans weddings like it's her job (it is). 


Wedding planners (well, most of us) aren't here to take over your special day or micromanage. We're here to listen. We're here to help you enjoy the process. We're here to keep you calm and focused on the marriage ahead. Our goal is to take everything you've been dreaming of and turn it into a beautiful reality. Whether we're helping you from start to finish or coming in during the last month to bring it all together, the reality is, you need us. So don't listen to the sillies who have never done this before. Get yourself some peace of mind. Get your momma some peace of mind. Get yourself a wedding planner.