Here Goes Nothin'

We're about to hit the two year mark of Kenzie Events, and I'm taking the leap into the one piece of owning my business that I've been dreading...the inevitable blog. Give me budgets. Give me 16 hours of heels. Give me anxiety-ridden MOB's. But for the love, please don't give me a blog. Any more, it's a cliche to have a blog, and it might be even more of a cliche to call a blog a cliche. But, you know, here we are. 

After weeding through every possible reason why I don't "need" a blog, I came to the conclusion that I actually WANT a blog. I know, I know...shocker. The truth of the matter is, I love what I do. I don't mean, "yeah, weddings are fun and pretty and I'm kind of like Jennifer Lopez." No, I mean I LOVE what I do. Planning is in my veins. It brings me more joy than most things (up there with my two-footed dog, rockstar husband, and cake) and I want to have an outlet for the joy and pains. This is a place for me to explore tips and trends, share sweet stories, and show off beautiful images that my talented friends snap along the way. 

The boss herself.

The boss herself.

While my audience may inevitably be what you'd expect (brides, vendors, teenage girls with a Pinterest addiction, and my mom), I have a hope/hunch things could expand to a wider scope. Marriage is a beautiful thing, and the process of getting there through a wedding is an exciting ride to follow. I hope this blog can inspire others to find something they're passionate about, wedding related or not. And let's be real, when you're reading a blog written by a weirdo, things are bound to get weird...brace yourselves. 

So whether I'm shedding a tear over thoughtful vows, sneaking some tips on using the color of the year (no matter how hideous it may be...lime green? Really, 2017?), or reminiscing with a laugh over a rain filled outdoor wedding, I hope you'll join me! Maybe this "blog thing" won't be so painful after all...

Joyfully, Erin